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Real Estate Law


Guiding Your Real Estate Journey 

At Accord Attorneys and Solicitors, our extensive knowledge and expertise in real estate law set us apart. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional legal services to individuals, businesses, and investors engaged in diverse real estate transactions and disputes.

Understanding the intricacies of local zoning regulations is paramount for successful property development. Accord Attorneys guides clients through this process, assisting in navigating zoning laws, obtaining necessary permits, and addressing land use issues to ensure seamless development projects.

In the face of property-related disputes, our skilled litigators stand ready to provide robust representation in court. Whether it's boundary disputes, breach of contract, or other conflicts, we tirelessly work towards achieving favourable resolutions for our clients.

Accord Attorneys remains a steadfast partner throughout the entire property development lifecycle, from contract negotiation with contractors to resolving construction disputes and ensuring compliance with building codes. Trust us for comprehensive legal support that transforms your real estate ventures into successful endeavours.

Real Estate Law Services


Buying Real Estate

Embark on a seamless real estate journey with Accord Attorneys & Solicitors. Our team specializes in streamlining the process of buying or selling property in Regina. At Accord Attorneys, our transparent pricing structure is crafted to provide peace of mind and eliminate surprises. Trust us to meet your real estate needs with efficiency and professionalism.


Sell Real Estate

Experience a swift and seamless property sale with Accord Attorneys. Whether it's a home, condo, rural property, or commercial real estate in Regina or Saskatchewan, our primary goal is to ensure your transaction is efficient and prompt. Trust us for a smooth selling experience that ensures you receive your sale proceeds promptly.


Mortgage Refinancing

Unlock the benefits of mortgage refinancing with Accord Attorneys in Regina. Whether capitalizing on interest rate shifts, easing financial commitments, or tapping into your home's equity, our proficient real estate lawyers are dedicated to ensuring a swift and seamless refinancing process tailored to your needs.



Navigate the complexities of foreclosures with confidence, guided by Accord Attorneys in Regina. Our team is well-versed in the intricacies of foreclosure proceedings, ensuring a thorough and strategic approach to protect your interests. Trust Accord Attorneys to provide expert guidance and support throughout the foreclosure process, safeguarding your rights and helping you make informed decisions during challenging times.


Landlord & Commercial Tenants

Navigate landlord and commercial tenant legal matters with Accord Attorneys & Solicitors – your choice for comprehensive legal support. Dedicated to upholding the rights of both parties, we specialize in swift resolutions, ensuring a thorough understanding of the consequences of decisions. Trust Accord Attorneys for expert guidance in addressing your landlord and commercial tenant legal needs


Builders & Developers

Collaborate with confidence – Accord Attorneys & Solicitors take pride in passionate collaborations with prominent home, condominium, and commercial developers in Saskatchewan. Our team has played a pivotal role in shaping Regina’s residential and commercial landscapes, consistently offering an approachable, dependable, and efficient approach. Trust Accord Attorneys for your legal needs in Regina.


Commercial Real Estate

Experience tailored legal solutions for commercial real estate with Accord Attorneys & Solicitors in Regina. Acting on behalf of both commercial lenders and borrowers, our extensive knowledge safeguards the financial interests of all clients, minimizes risk for lending clients and ensures a comprehensive understanding of loan documentation terms for borrowing clients.


Your Path to Legal Success Begins Now – Start with Accord Attorneys!

For a detailed discussion about your case, reach out to our lawyers for assistance. We're here to attentively listen, understand your situation, and offer comprehensive legal guidance. Don't hesitate to give us a call; our dedicated team of lawyers is ready to assist you with any legal matters you may have.

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