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Builders and Developers


Your Partner in Saskatchewan’s Development

Accord Attorneys & Solicitors takes pride in its passionate collaboration with numerous distinguished home, condominium, and commercial developers in Saskatchewan. Our adept legal team has played a pivotal role in shaping Regina’s residential and commercial landscapes, consistently offering an approachable, dependable, and efficient approach.
Comprehensive Support for Residential and Condominium BuildersThe team at Accord Attorneys & Solicitors provides invaluable assistance to residential and condominium builders and developers across a spectrum of services:
● Securing Vacant Land and Facilitating Land Assembly: We specialize in securing vacant land and facilitating land assembly, laying the foundation for successful development projects.● Facilitating Financing Solutions: Our team excels in facilitating financing solutions, including land purchase and construction financing, to ensure seamless financial support for your projects.● Acting as a Trustee for Purchaser Deposits: Accord Attorneys & Solicitors acts as a trusted trustee for purchaser deposits, instilling confidence in your clientele.● Crafting Tailored Purchase and Sale Agreements: We specialize in crafting property purchase and sale agreements tailored to new developments, ensuring legal precision and protection.● Overseeing Lot Conveyance: Our team oversees the conveyance of lots to new home purchasers, ensuring smooth closing transactions and a positive buyer experience.

Title and Investor Document ExpertiseAccord Attorneys & Solicitors extends comprehensive title and investor document support, including:
● Land Title Conversion: We facilitate Land Title Conversion in accordance with The Land Titles Act, 2000, in preparation for subdivision or condominium plans.● Compliance Assurance: Our experts ensure compliance with municipal, provincial, and regulatory requirements for title registration.● Investor Agreements: We specialize in formulating co-tenancy and joint venture agreements among investors, securing a solid foundation for collaborative ventures.● Condominium Organizing Documents: Accord Attorneys & Solicitors draft essential condominium organizing documents, ensuring legal clarity and structure.
Tailored Services for Commercial DevelopmentOur specialized services drive commercial development success, including:
● Personalized Agreements: Crafting personalized agreements of purchase/sale and lease agreements tailored to meet the unique needs of commercial development.● Lease Negotiation Guidance: Reviewing lease offers tenant proposals and providing expert guidance during tenant negotiations.● Tenant Estoppels: Preparing and evaluating tenant estoppels to safeguard the interests of commercial property owners.● Expert Opinions on Lease Agreements: Offering expert opinions on existing lease agreements, ensuring clarity and fairness.
Accord Attorneys & Solicitors is your dedicated legal partner for development in Regina, Saskatchewan. Feel free to contact us for a complimentary consultation with no obligation. Partner with us to ensure your development projects are legally sound and successful.


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