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Landlord and Commercial Tenants


Navigating Landlord and Commercial Tenant Matters

For all your landlord and commercial tenant legal needs, Accord Attorneys & Solicitors stands as the optimal choice. We are dedicated to upholding the rights of both sides in disputes and comprehending the consequences of decisions, emphasizing the efficiency required for swift resolutions.
Advocating for LandlordsOur experienced team at Accord Attorneys & Solicitors is committed to providing comprehensive assistance to landlords in the Regina area across a spectrum of commercial leasing matters. Our services include:
● Lease Crafting: We specialize in crafting leases and related documents, ensuring clarity and adherence to legal standards.● Form Completion: Assisting clients in completing standardized forms and streamlining the leasing process.● Legal Action for Breaches: Exploring legal avenues in case of tenant breaches and pursuing necessary legal actions as per lease terms and regulations.● Collection and Enforcement: Supporting landlords in matters of collection and enforcement when tenants fall behind in payments. Our law firm is equipped to handle the intricacies of the collection process to safeguard your best interests.

Championing Commercial Tenants
At Accord Attorneys & Solicitors, we extend our services to business owners engaged in landlord-tenant conflicts. Our focus is safeguarding your rights as tenants, ensuring that the law and the stipulations of your lease agreement approach your case.

With a meticulous review of your situation, we determine the most suitable course of action, ensuring your rights are well-preserved in matters of landlord and commercial tenant disputes. Whether you are a landlord seeking effective legal solutions or a commercial tenant navigating a conflict in Regina, Saskatchewan, Accord Attorneys & Solicitors is your trusted partner for resolution and advocacy.


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