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Asset Division in a Divorce


Equitable Distribution of Marital Assets

Divorcing couples often find themselves facing the intricate process of dividing marital assets, a journey filled with emotional challenges and legal complexities. At Accord Attorneys & Solicitors, our compassionate team recognizes the significance of this process in your life. We approach asset division with a keen understanding of your unique story, aiming to guide you toward a just and meaningful resolution.
In the province of Saskatchewan, the Family Law Act governs the division of family property and debt. Accord Attorneys & Solicitors is committed to upholding the principle of fairness embedded in this legal framework. According to the Act, family property and debt are typically divided equally unless compelling evidence is presented to challenge this equitable distribution. It is essential to note that family property specifically encompasses assets accumulated during the marriage, excluding those acquired before or after cohabitation or marriage.
As you navigate the intricacies of property division in Regina, Saskatchewan, Accord Attorneys & Solicitors will stand by your side, offering dedicated support and tailored strategies to achieve an equitable resolution. Your story matters to us, and we are here to ensure that your journey through asset division is guided by compassion, understanding, and a commitment to your best interests.


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