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Uttering Threats


Defense Strategies for Uttering Threats

At Accord Attorneys & Solicitors, we recognize the severity of uttering threats charges and the potential impact on your life. Our criminal defence lawyers are committed to formulating a robust defence strategy, challenging the prosecution's evidence, and advocating for your rights.
Uttering threats is a serious offence in Saskatchewan and encompasses various actions, including threatening to cause harm to an individual, damage property, or harm animals belonging to others. The nature of the threat can lead to severe legal consequences, and you may face charges even if the threats are not communicated directly to the person involved. Some examples of what is considered uttering threats are:
● Threats of Harm: Whether the threat is directed at a person, their property, or their animals, uttering threats covers a broad range of menacing statements.● Communication Mediums: Threats can be conveyed through various channels, such as voicemail, text messages, mail, email, or electronic means. These records can play a crucial role in legal proceedings.

Our legal team excels in handling cases involving threats made through electronic communication, challenging the Crown's ability to prove authorship. Whether seeking to resolve criminal charges or addressing issues related to property, such as firearm possession, Accord Attorneys is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal support.
If you are facing charges for uttering threats in Regina, Saskatchewan, it is crucial to seek legal advice promptly. Accord Attorneys & Solicitors offers a complimentary consultation to assess your case and discuss potential defence strategies. Contact us today for expert legal representation and assistance in navigating the complexities of uttering threats charges.


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