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Drug Offences


Assertive Defence Against Drug Offences

Accord Attorneys is your steadfast ally when confronting criminal charges related to drugs, governed primarily by the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. This legislation aims to regulate controlled substances, curbing their non-medical use. Drug offences can encompass a range of actions, and understanding the nuances is crucial when mounting a robust defence.
Types of Drug Offences:● Possession: Being knowingly in physical possession of a controlled substance without authorization, regardless of quantity, can lead to criminal prosecution.● Possession with Intent to Supply: Holding a controlled substance with the intention to supply it to someone without lawful rights constitutes this offence. Evidence may include possession of drug supply paraphernalia or phone records.● Supply: Transferring a controlled substance from one individual to another, irrespective of financial gain, can result in charges. The severity of the sentence depends on the person's role within the supply chain.● Production/Cultivation: Ranging from small-scale cultivation to large-scale commercial production, this offence involves the growth of controlled drugs.● Importation/Exportation: Prohibited unless done under a government-granted license, importing or exporting controlled drugs typically leads to substantial custodial sentences.● Permitting Premises for Drug Activities: Occupiers, rather than owners, bear responsibility for premises used for drug-related activities.

Sentences for drug offences can be severe, making it imperative to seek legal counsel immediately upon facing charges. Accord Attorneys is well-versed in the intricacies of drug offence cases and is dedicated to providing comprehensive legal assistance. If you are facing charges for drug offences in Regina, Saskatchewan, contact us promptly to secure a robust defence tailored to your situation.


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