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Driving While Disqualified


Challenging Driving While Disqualified Allegations

Accord Attorneys is your reliable legal advocate when facing charges of driving while disqualified. To secure a conviction, the Crown must demonstrate that you operated a motor vehicle in Saskatchewan while under a previous suspension. Even if the prior suspension has expired, being "disqualified" means you're considered as such until steps are taken to reinstate your license.
Driving while disqualified is a serious offence with potentially severe consequences. If found guilty, you may face up to five years in jail, a three-year probation period, and a $5,000 fine. Additionally, your driving privileges will be disqualified for at least one year following the first offence.
Accord Attorneys specializes in mitigating the consequences of driving while disqualified charges. Our strategic approach involves negotiating plea deals to secure less severe charges and advocating for your rights throughout the legal process. We understand the intricacies of these cases and work diligently to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients.

If you're confronted with driving while disqualified charges in Regina, Saskatchewan, consult with Accord Attorneys promptly. Our experienced legal team is ready to assess your case, explore available defences, and guide you through the legal proceedings. Schedule a consultation to discuss your situation, and let us develop a robust defence strategy tailored to your specific circumstances.


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