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Domestic Violence


Safeguarding Your Rights in Domestic Violence Cases

Accord Attorneys is your trusted legal ally when facing domestic violence charges, which encompass offences occurring within intimate relationships, including marriages, common-law partnerships, and parent-child dynamics. Recognizing the severity of these crimes, our legal team is dedicated to providing comprehensive support to individuals entangled in such legal matters.
Domestic violence incidents constitute a significant portion of violent offences, occurring within an ongoing cycle of abuse. The justice system and authorities treat these cases seriously, emphasizing the need for a robust and strategic legal defence.
Under the Saskatchewan justice system, the court provides the "Domestic Violence Treatment Program." Tailored for individuals pleading guilty to domestic violence offences, this program offers a constructive path forward. Participation in this program, facilitated through the Domestic Violence Court, can positively influence an accused's consequences. Whether you choose to engage in the treatment program or proceed to trial, Accord Attorneys ensures you have a dedicated advocate by your side, committed to ensuring fair treatment throughout the legal process.

Regardless of the option you pursue, Accord Attorneys is here to protect your rights and advocate on your behalf. We understand the complexities of domestic violence cases and provide the guidance needed to navigate the legal landscape. If you find yourself facing domestic violence charges in Regina, Saskatchewan, reach out to Accord Attorneys for a consultation. Let our experienced legal team craft a tailored defence strategy to address your unique situation and safeguard your rights.


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