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Dangerous Driving


Expert Dangerous Driving Defence

When faced with dangerous driving charges in Regina, Saskatchewan, it's crucial to enlist the expertise of Accord Attorneys to mount a robust defence. The Crown must prove specific factors to secure a conviction, including driving a motor vehicle in a manner hazardous and dangerous to the general public. Our seasoned legal team navigates these complexities to challenge the prosecution's case effectively.
Key Factors Considered in Your Defence:● Driving Circumstances: Assess how you drove the motor vehicle and demonstrate it was not hazardous or dangerous in the given context.● Location and Traffic Conditions: Consider the driving environment and the amount of traffic present or reasonably expected at the time of the incident.● State of Mind: Evaluating your state of mind and establishing that it was not more careless than that of a reasonable person under the circumstances.

Essential Considerations:● Accident Severity: Recognition that a severe accident causing property damage or injury doesn't automatically imply dangerous driving.● Injury or Damage Absence: Acknowledging that dangerous driving charges can still apply even if no one was injured or no property damage occurred.● Focus on Driving and Mindset: Emphasizing that the core focus is on how you drive and your state of mind, irrespective of the outcome.
In the event of considering sentencing, Accord Attorneys will tailor a compelling argument to present your positive qualities before the Judge. Our goal is to ensure a fair and unbiased sentencing that takes into account all relevant factors.
With Accord Attorneys by your side, you benefit from a dedicated legal team committed to building a strategic defence tailored to your unique case. Contact us for a consultation to explore the best approach to safeguarding your rights and securing a favourable outcome. Your defence matters, and we're here to navigate the legal complexities on your behalf.


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