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Defending Against Breach Charges

Alleged breaches of court orders made by fellow judges are treated with utmost seriousness in Saskatchewan. Judges take a stringent approach at every stage of your criminal case. The criminal defence lawyers at Accord Attorneys possess the skills to mount a robust defence against breach allegations, ensuring your rights are protected. We specialize in handling three main types of breaches in Saskatchewan:
● Breach of Recognizance or Undertaking● Breach of Probation● Breach of Conditional Sentence Order
Each type of breach carries distinct consequences, making it crucial to accurately identify the alleged breach. Accord Attorneys is well-equipped to assess the specifics of your case and work towards a reasonable outcome.

Accord Attorneys commonly deal with breach allegations related to various conditions, such as:● No communication with victims or witnesses involved in your case● Abstinence from alcohol or drugs● No possession of weapons● Compliance with curfew● Restrictions on leaving the Province of Saskatchewan● Residence or city restrictions● Attendance for fingerprints or court● Compliance with probation officer appointments● Adherence to treatment or counselling under a probation order
Accord Attorneys will strategically amend conditions to allow exceptions, narrow restrictions, increase flexibility, or eliminate conditions based on your unique situation. With experienced and knowledgeable attorneys by your side, you can confidently face breach allegations.
Whether you're contesting breach charges or seeking a resolution, Accord Attorneys is committed to arranging a guilty plea for a non-criminal offence or negotiating an out-of-court resolution for your charges. Contact Accord Attorneys for dedicated legal assistance if you're facing excessive hardship due to a court order in Regina, Saskatchewan.


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